Sunday, June 11, 2006

When I Was A Little Girl

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I got lost in this building. This is the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium from the 1958 World's Fair and I have a miniature (over forty years old!) sitting beside my television set so I recognized it right away. One never forgets a somewhat traumatic incident, especially when you are only five years old.

I was absolutedly fascinated by the structure and everything in it (all science, I was a geek from the beginning it is becoming clear to me now) and had wandered away from my parents. By the time I started to pay attention I was on another floor. I remember running around looking for them and saw them out of one of the windows overlooking this walkway. I started crying and banging on the window to get their attention but they didn't hear me. Fortunately a very nice gentleman helped me downstairs and delivered me to my parents. I think this is where I got my fondness for blonde men...

It was such a popular site that they didn't tear it down after the World's Fair and it has recently reopened after being refurbished.

Tom, thanks for the opportunity to revisit a happy time in my life, believe it or not. Wow, what a great memory.

So concludes the Random Flickr blogging, a little earlier than Monday but I was excited.

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