Sunday, July 23, 2006

Overwhelmed By The Stupidity And Violence

For the last three months the news has become increasingly violent, depressing and hopeless. Afghanistan, a country that is not known for being conquered by invaders is returning to condition we invaded it in five years ago, except that the people have had false hope.

Iraq. No longer a country, just a mob of unreasoning angry people who believe they have religion on their side and will kill you to prove it. I'm sure the dead understand now.

Israel. Their new state motto is "If you're a civilian, you're a target". Wonder when they are going to go back to pounding the Gaza residents. Trying to pretend like they are the injured and not the injuring party. Bombing civilians to get at terrorists seems a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Let's use as an example the city of Seattle being invaded by Canada. All the citizens are warned to leave the city or they will be killed. Meanwhile the roads, bridges, hospitals, ships, trains and airport are bombed into obliivion. Is it the civilians fault that they can't get out of the way, leaving everything they have worked their lives for, and they become the dead bodies seen on the news? Our lack of empathy for those who don't look like the the others is going to be this country's downfall.

From New Orleans to Baghdad to Lebanon if you aren't a part of the master race you can expect no sympathy, no empathy and no help. You should have been born into a rich white family in a gated community in order to deserve human consideration. All civilian deaths are not equal and whether you are or have supported a terrorist will always be determined by the winner.

Israel has used up any sympathy I may have had for them. If something bad actually happens to them, I probably wouldn't read the article or care very much. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Somebody's britches are a little bit too big.

My response to all this has been entertainment. Avoidance. Just reading the headlines and moving on. The only thing that has changes are the locations of the atrocities, the country perpetrating them this week and whether we approve. North Korea has dropped so far off the radar that Kim Jong Il has had time to get married.

We're like little kids with a new bauble. Entertained until we either break it or get a new toy.

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