Saturday, July 08, 2006

Quiet On The Blogging Front

Nothing much of interest going on today. Modo's column has sucked for the last three, the rest of the news is repetitive. Been there, objected to that.

Can unpaid parking tickets really determine whether a culture is motivated by fraud?

I don't care if she is on the "left". Nutjob and she needs professional help. Threatening a two year old? I don't think so, which is more effort than she put into it.

Did you know that 40% of college-educacted German women prefer to have sex for fun and not procreation?

The blonde queen of distortion caught plagiarizing, again? Couldn't happen to a worse person.

From the stupid and I can't wait until you get old department. Let's see just how fast you can go. I was taught that when the light turned green it meant go if safe. I don't consider a pedestrian in the crosswalk to be "safe". I can wait.

From the really stupid department. Yeah, it was all a plot. Six feed under, that is. We act like they're off somewhere planning to be reincarnated and come back and haunt us. Not.

Ya think? Of course it is illegal. Our country no longer reflects the Founding Fathers vision.

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