Thursday, July 06, 2006

Similarities Do Not Abound

Comparing Jack Bauer to Harry Potter is, well, foolish. They neither approach nor resolve conflicts in the same manner. Which is a good thing for Harry.
Long Live Harry - New York Times: "It's easy, these days, to understand why the No. 1 hit children's series of the age would be Harry Potter. All you have to do is experience the adrenaline rush of watching Fox TV's '24' to appreciate the addictive appeal of a hero who breaks the rules, shatters the mold, stands alone and beats the odds, every time, in combating Supreme Evil."
Good training for their future stand against the establishment, since school is all about compliance and fitting in.

I've read fantasy books for years and I honestly do not recall too many stories where the main hero died (Helva's brawn being the exception), especially not in a kids book and they don't normally kill kids. There is always a first time, I would just hate for it to be Harry.

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