Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

This mouse potato needs a himbo with a soul patch and bling. I guess I could just google it.

Do you travel for business and get stuck in traffic between meetings? Alternatives exist to ease your frustration.

Umm, duh
. Ten months later. Don't stress yourself, it isn't like anyone cares.

24 received 12 Emmy nominations which include a best actor nod for Kiefer (somebody get me a hacksaw) Sutherland, supporting actor and actress noms for Gregory (I authorized Palmer's death) Itzin and Jean (I can swallow more valium than Rush, plus knock it back with bottles of wine and still walk, talk and shoot straight) Smart and the opening hour of the Fifth season. The first fifteen minutes were a killer.

They keep releasing the story in the hope that it will raise excitement. By the time they get it to market it will be so far behind the Ipod it won't matter.

Security is not our thing. Don't you feel safer?

Any port in a storm. Love the stuff, though I prefer vintage.

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