Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Trolling

This is such total BS and one of the reasons I no longer watch the game. Pete Rose isn't a favorite player of mine either but I still can't understand what gambling has to do with how many hits he had unless they are saying he could have had more and that's why he can't get into the Hall of Fame. Whatever.

Normally I'm not too fond of politicians, but I would vote for this guy. Who knew the Style section wasn't about clothes and makeup?

First it was the loose lips and now it's the free hands maneuver. That lack of respect for women and their bodies is amazing.

Civil war? Definitely. It just isn't civil.

Domo arigato.

It was just a matter of time. Between the cost of gas and the lack of renewable income, normal people are cutting back on expenses.

Neither one of these guys was playing good cards but since they were heads up it doesn't really matter.

Strange stats. Wonder what Bradshaw thinks.

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