Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lazy Day Links

Think Progress has a timeline of the Iraq war. So far. Absolutely fascinating. Although I remember every incident, it is difficult to believe that there were so many of them and that the situation is not getting better in the near future. It is one long list.

Shai Shai exhibits behavior just like this. Cute and manipulative, willing to take any roundabout means to get what she wants. Thanks to Urthwalker, who is traveling the country checking out all the major amusement parks.

Another half assed job, screwed up as usual. Bush must be proud of his track record. Two countries attacked and supposedly conquered, two countries reverting to civil war. Wow! We certainly made things better. I'm not too sure about safer, here or there.

If you are fascinated by weird sites, here is the Baby Boomer Death Clock. Interesting.

Try not to pee your pants, the General is in fine form. As usual.

Up, up and away! The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Turn it over to commercial interests. It is the only way we are ever going to get anywhere.

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