Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday's Web Wanderings

Update: As the price of gas goes up, driving responsibly is in your best interest. When they give the tip about not stopping, the DO NOT mean to roll thru the stop sign (they use a light as an example and a stop sign for the graphic). What they mean is to anticipate the light and slowly roll to a stop. If you do it correctly, the light should change when you get to the line and you can proceed thru safely. DO NOT ever run a stop sign, for any reason. Ever. It is a good way to end up dead, which will solve your gas problem but will be very messy. And sad for your friends and relatives.

What exactly do they mean, that gravity has changed? How? Gravity or gravitational acceleration? They could be a little more specific for those of us who are physics impaired. I think this might be a good explanation for those of us with simple minds.

Now would be a good time to take up carpooling and use what is left of public transportation. If they checked these things on a regular schedule, they wouldn't have to "close" the pipeline to repair it. Wink, wink. A major oil field that is responsible for 8% of our crude oil. Nice, I wonder how much gas will be in a month? A barrel of oil has increased in price by $3 since I started this post.

War is hell. Anybody in the Middle East could describe it to you on a daily basis. The game of you killed twelve so we will kill forty, continues. From Israel's disgraceful and childish behavior (hurry before mom gets home) to our debacle in Iraq
, the killing of innocents is just another statistic.

Another stupid study. I didn't know kids watched wrestling. Speaking of useless information, did you know that swallowing saliva is common to everyone? Maybe people who swallow more frequently are prone to misbehavior. Somebody will probably decide that might make a good study. I guess they have to do something with all those degrees.

This is one of the reasons I don't like antidepressants. I know people who suffer every time they try to wean themselves off. For drugs that have the same effectiveness as a placebo, the people who get addicted, and they are addicted, suffer in ways that the drug companies trivialize. I don't know if I would enjoy having an electrical sensation crawl across my brain in sharp jolts.

Tupelo honey, it should have received more respect. Maybe the some of the damage from Katrina could have been averted.

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