Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Noodling The Web

I haven't been posting as much, I seem to be suffering a little burnout. I admit to preferring comedy to death and destruction and there hasn't been that much funny (no haha, plenty of peculiar) to post about. Our so-called president and his trustless companions are still clueless, the economy is still tanking and Osama is still nowhere to be found. Myopia abounds.

I don't think all kids are brats, I think their parents are self involved and very indulgent. If your child doesn't listen to you and behave when they are small, you can forget any semblance of control when they are teenagers. Respect works. Kids definitely need more exercise, fresh air, water and regular sleep, but they need less sugar. They need to be able to run around for as long as they want to, but not in restaurants or movie theatres. Public places such as parks, sports areas and amusement parks are appropriate venues for manic outbursts of activity, not where adults have conversations that children shouldn't hear.

I like squash. From pumpkin to zucchini, I enjoy them all. This might be an interesting recipe to get the little ones started on the path to veggies. I might make it this evening.

If we actually have an election, you can expect this to happen in more than six states. Not looking good for democracy and freedom. We are so busy bringing it to other countries, we forgot ourselves.

My kind of humor. When the going gets tough, I start cracking one liners, I just can't help myself. As bad as the Lebanese situation is, it is nice to see that they have been able to see the funnier side of life. I just can't imagine a 30 year joke. It was funny, though.

You make your bed, you lie in it. Alone. What did they expect? Respect? From the White House? Perhaps if they had been doing their job for the last seven years, we and they wouldn't be in the position we are in now. Shroomsville. In the dark and being fed a lot of crap.

Don't let the Feds know. They will find some way to make the states fork it over.

No skills before Katrina, no skills after. The people were just displaced and forgotten. Till the next time.

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