Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Twitterings

I read fantasy novels from my teens to my early forties. If it didn't have a dwarf or an elf it had to be a spy thriller. Alchemy was always a favorite because it reminded me of chemistry. Most of the early fantasy novels had an alchemist somewhere in the book, but they fell out of favor in the eighties. Now, it looks like alchemists might get a little respect, especially since Newton thought it was the Unified Theory of his time.

Of course slower breathing will lower your blood pressure. Tai chi, yoga and meditation all have deep breathing in common which might be why you feel relaxed and energized after a session.

The obligatory Mel Gibson post for the day. I agree with the officer about the effects of alcohol. If you are prone to stupid behavior before alcohol ingestion, you will only get stupider as your inhibitions are released.

With what army? Unfortunately it takes on an entirely new meaning. It used to be a joke, now it isn't. Have they considered gangs and militias as an option? The GOP mantra of a strong defense is just that, a mantra. If it isn't a bomb or warplane, neither of which is particularly useful in the war on terror, they aren't interested in funding it. No armor, decent pay or working equipment for the troops themselves. Slap on that bumper sticker, that will certainly help.

Speaking of bumper stickers, I saw a good one the other day. I was behind a Corvair (didn't know any were still on the road) and it had one sticker on it. Brand new. "President Nixon, Now More Than Ever."

No good deed goes unpunished. Lying to the people who did all the work. Christine Todd Whitman, how do you sleep at night?

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