Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday's Thoughts

Keep it to yourself. People who hide a major secret are healthier than either those who reveal the most intimate details of their lives at the drop of a hat or the the ones who are so secretive that you don't know much about them even if you have known them for years. Confession is not always good for the soul. Or body.

Power, fame or fortune? My dad asked me when I was little which one I wanted. I have been no more successful at attaining a fortune than most people will have at being famous. Fortunately, I don't take it personally.

The universe is in the dark, and it matters.

If only I ran, but since I can barely walk at the moment, this is not an option. I have a brother who enjoys long sojourns pounding the ground in a rhythmic pattern, this is right up his alley.

Someone is on drugs. She will not always love you and her husband might want to exercise his prerogative and keep her to himself. When will you be caught instead of forgotten?

Do you suppose Osama has some of this instead? It wouldn't surprise me since he is more than capable of waiting until he determines an appropriate target and the perfect moment. Unlike our own dear leader.

Speaking of people who are not grounded in reality, this preacher needs a lesson in respecting your elders, a part of the Bible he seems to conveniently skip over.

Fat soluble vitamins are absorbed in the intestines and surgery might preventthe body from utilizing Vitamin A correctly, leading to night blindness and other ocular disturbances. Losing weight naturally should be tried before gastric bypass, preferably before you have had to buy clothes two sizes larger than last year.

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