Monday, September 25, 2006

Failure To Accomplish

Anything but the destruction of the American way of life will be the legacy of George W. Bush. While America sits bemused and complacent, Bush and cronies have stripped this country of its natural resources and the citizens of their civil rights, ensured the employment of hundreds of thousands of Indians and Chinese, not Americans, overseen the destruction of a major city, caused more Reservists and National Guard troops to be killed since Vietnam while outsourcing traditional military roles to paid contractors (if they get their own tanks and jets all bets are off) and have not completed a single mission successfully while playing political peekaboo with Osama.

Iraq has devolved into civil war, there is nothing else to call it when people kill their fellow citizens en masse and Afghanistan is reverting to Taliban control as if the US and its crazy ideas were a bothersome gnat that is being brushed away.

Then the public relations team kicks in with a story about how Bush feels your pain. I prefer a simpler explanation.


End of Rant


  1. Sociopath, indeed. Holy cow...


  2. He fits the profile, almost exactly.