Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hacking Blogger Beta II

When I first switched to the Beta version I was irritated because I lost my template and wanted some of hacks that made it easier to blog. Blog This! still isn't working but I have learned to live with that inconvenience.

The first thing I did was find a three column hack (courtesy of Ramani at the Hackosphere) and then I adapted it to fit the Minima Stretch template. It took a little doing but I finally figured out what numbers had to be changed. Why would anyone want a three column template and have unused space on both sides? Not me. Preview is a wonderful feature when it works.

I was still at Ramani's site so I used a couple more of his hacks since he gives great directions and is open to feedback. This resulted in the Peekaboo posts (expand and collapse a post) plus just showing the title of post on the Label and Archive pages (I call them categories, some people call them tags) with a plus/minus sign so that the reader has some control over the page.

That worked so well that I installed the hack for the recent posts in the sidebar. Well, reading the comments helped me find other hacks. One of which is the Label cloud which is courtesy of Phydeax3.

Courtesy of Hoctro, I installed the horizontal tabs of my most used Labels, which will change as I get all of my posts tagged. I also got the hack for the Label breadcrumb trail, so visitors have another way to find their way to my homepage.

There are a few others but I don't remember them all. Blogger Beta is much easier to deal with, easier for you to make your blog look different from everyone elses.

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