Friday, October 13, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

Yup, I have one but it's for the future, not the past. As some of you know, I really don't believe that the November elections are going to help bring back America or its Constitution. Not that I believe the Democrats aren't going to make substantial gains in Congress, I do.

What I don't believe is that it is going to matter. One way or another, by hook or by crook, Bush and cronies will ensure that there is no change of the power structure in Washington. They just can't afford it.

I believe that possible strategies include altering results, prohibiting citizens from voting, disregarding election results, a new national security disaster and/or any other tactic up to and including declaring martial law. The latter should be very interesting.

Why do I believe this wacky scenario might come true? As stated above, they can't afford anything else. Congressional inquiries and the dreaded impeachment process loom large. Accountablity and responsibility have not exactly been the hallmarks of this administration, when things go wrong blame a Clinton. Planning hasn't exactly been their strong suit either, as has been evidenced from invading Afghanistan and letting Osama bin Laden slip free, to the debacle in Iraq in which the Iraqi people perceive us to be the invaders as their country devolves into civil war, to the destruction of the Gulf Coast by Katrina and the convenient levee breaches in New Orleans for some opportune voter reapportionment, to playing mucho macho with North Korea.

Bush came into office under cloudy circumstances, stayed in office under murky circumstances and is perfectly capable of ensuring his own little voter version of "stay the course" by using dire circumstances. Every time it seems he doesn't have a plan, his cronies benefit. Why they are in a panic now I just don't understand.

I look forward to being wrong.


  1. Well, this is a bit gloomy for my taste, Deb, although I have to agree that we're not going to wrest democracy back anytime soon even with a clean sweep of the WH in '08.

    It's the precedents that scare me, like the doors left open in the Reagan years were walked through by the Bush team. These precedents include setting the foundation for the Unitary Executive, like the Clinton camp left the door open for extraordinary rendition.

    The Bush junta has hijacked these ground-breakings have turned them into glowing, smoking craters.

    I've been saying for months that even if the next President is a Democrat, as s/he will surely be, that they'll have to spend their 1st term in damage control.mop-up mode so it'll look as if no real change is taking place, something on which the Repugs in '12 will try to capitalize.

    Look at America like a massive ship with a too-short rudder. Just because you change your heading and spin the wheel doesn't mean you're going to change course anytime soon. It's a slow slide toward fascism whose inertia will continue moving us toward even if we put the engines in full reverse.

  2. I don't enjoy being gloomy but these guys aren't going to go quietly. Way back in 2000 there was a tv show called Freedom that dealt with some of this subject. I thought it was farfetched at first but now it seems like it would be all to easy. What disturbs me the most is that a good proportion of America would go along with it because it makes life easy for them.

    Before the 2004 election some of the true conservatives were encouraging people to vote for Kerry because whoever inherits this mess will most likely be a one term President and then the Repubs could take power again. I see this as a likely scenario, unfortunately.

    It is going to take a miracle to get us out of this mess and that depresses me. :(