Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's All About The Timing

Hot on the heels of the articles about Karl Rove, from Salon (ad view or subscription req'd) we have this lovely gem about the money trail between appointed judges and politicians involved with their confirmation. And yes, some of it is illegal. You would think that a real judge would know better.

Fortunately some of the judiciary understand their purpose in the constitutional framework of this nation and continue to do their job.

The timing of this free article from the Wall Street Journal (aren't they sweet?) lays the groundwork for the upcoming mysterious Republican win. Since I live in the liberal state of California (our votes rarely matter on the national stage), most of the people I talk with believe there will be a change in government, but there is no reliable way for me to determine how the rest of the country thinks. I am of the belief that the country is ready for a change but that the current occupiers of power are unwilling to step down and will do what ever they determine necessary to retain their position.

I renewed my subscription to Salon because Adblock Plus prevented me from viewing the articles. I enjoy not seeing ads and banners but it was frustrating and prevented me from enjoying the great writing and snarky observations.

I also restored the Washington Post to its real name since Howard Kurtz quoted a whole paragraph of mine in Media Notes. Thank you. My opinion of the Rovian machinations is not hardened, Karl Rove has proven adept at installing a previously unsuccessful layabout to state and federal office. Like most people he wants to go out on a winning note. The problem is that once you get used to abusing power, it is hard to give up.

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  1. I saw this article as well. Though I suspect that the Tony Snow is right about most of the contributions being legal, it looks really bad, and I'm surprised that this little bit-o-impropriety hasn't surfaced before now.