Monday, October 30, 2006

Terror, Corruption and Stupidity

Heaven forbid that a candidate should win based on the issues facing the voters. Unfortunately that is no longer what running and serving in Congress means. It is all about the power.

If you are a Republican and can't win based on your merits, Karl Rove will rush money from the U.S. Treasury to buy off your constituents. He will use the resources of the Federal Government for political gain according to this article. The political machine has moved from shameful to illegal while embracing immorality in between. All in the pursuit of power. How Christian.

Really? The best thing that has happened to the Pentagon in the last 25 years? I think the boots in the ground might view it a little differently. What a boner.

Maybe al-Qaeda is being quiet because they are planning something and don't want us to know about it? Maybe they are sitting back and watching for the entertainment value, realizing that the election isn't really going to make a difference. Maybe they haven't received their orders from Karl Rove. Yet.

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