Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday's Musings

Am I a victim of class warfare? You bet your sweet bippy I am. When I graduated from Acupuncture school in 1998 I realized I was on the edge of a bubble and that there was only a short amount of time before class warfare started in earnest and I wanted to be on the correct side of the line. I didn't make it and like a good majority of Silicon Valley I started the slide down the economic ladder. I don't take it personally because I have the company of so many of my fellow Americans.

The question of will she or won't she is back in the news again. I was particularly irritated lasy year when the NY Times printed an article stating that women from elite colleges were basically after their MRS degree. It wasn't stated that way, it was disguised as whether a woman would prefer to return to the workforce or stay at home once she had kids, like it was a biological imperative and those who chose to go back to work were somehow...not normal.

Aah, the right wing bloggers are overstepping their bounds again. Instead of looking at the pattern of behavior of Mark Foley, they attack the victim. I'm sorry, but threatening a kid for being the only one not afraid to tell the truth is pretty cowardly behavior. What I find really interesting about this newest scandal in the GOP is how the rightwing wants to portray sixteen and seventeen year old boys as adults who knew what they were doing and were enticing Foley's behavior when they were all too willing to portray an over twenty-one Monica Lewinsky as a young girl led astray by the bad man in power. They do like to play both sides of the line in an argument, whichever side fits their cause du jour.

And now they have outed one of the pages involved (no link provided, plus it just got pulled!). If it wouldn't hurt the person suffering the outrage, my fondest wish would be for these bloggers families to suffer some tragedy and want their privacy but be unable to get it because their most personal details have been printed across the internet. But it is improper to wish that kind of harm on people, I'm just not a rightwinger.

It looks like the fallout could be quite substantial. Awww, the poor widdle babies. Doesn't feel so good to be on the receiving end of the big shaft, does it?

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  1. Poor widdle babies indeed. So many right-wingers have a ludicrous sense of entitlement. What was it Funkadelic once said? "If you don't like the effects, don't produce the cause."