Saturday, October 14, 2006

What's That Saying?

Stupid is as stupid does? Who would have thought you would find someone so...clueless in Sausalito? When I first read the article title I thought what now, but TM has been studied extensively with patients hooked up to MRI machines. To say nothing of the fact that while you may be suggestible under hypnosis you still will only do what is in your basic makeup. In other words, if you wouldn't kill somebody during your normal day to day activities you won't kill someone under hypnosis. Sheesh, her kids must have a very restrictive home life.
Parent Susan Crittendon said the group has raised some concerns.

"Its the beginning of a whole new philosophy of life. They work by putting people in trances, and when you're in a trance you're more suggestible," parent Susan Crittendon.
For a parent passing judgement and trying to prevent others from doing something she doesn't approve of, she could at least do some research before making a fool of herself. Transcendental Meditation is not a religion and it is not a cult. It has been studied in western medicine and proved to have beneficial effects on a person's health. In addition to relieving stress and anxiety, it also lowers blood pressure.

I took a yoga class when I was at Cal Poly and had a calculus class afterwards. The morning of midterms the yoga instructor noticed we were pretty tense and she spent the whole class focusing us on our breathing and settling us down. When I went to take the test it was like the answers appeared like little pop ups as I read the question. It was one of my higher scoring tests.

She probably will object to these other methods of helping kids learn. The only blue light she trusts is the one for the KMart special and keeping a rhythm is probably the equivalent of the devil's work.

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