Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ahead Of The Curve

Again. When I first put my feelings about the upcoming election in print, I wondered about being labeled part of the tinfoil hat community. I had been thinking the worst for the previous two months and had kept it to myself, knowing that it was too outrageous to be believed by the average American.

I no longer care about labels and hope desperately that I am so far off base that I've run in to the outfield without a mitt. Lately it has been looking like I'm not the only one who is expecting negative results on November 8th. Maybe there are others.

Vote, document and hope that the National Guard and local police refuse to follow orders. You have to admire the speed with which this administration dismantled the Constitution, encouraged needless paranoia and didn't make the country any safer. For that you have to give them a job well done.

At least from their point of view.

Update: When I wrote this last night, I thought about including the line "and get out of the country while you still can" but thought it was even more over the top than my original theory. Well, look what Liberal Candy dug up. Now, that's what I call an interesting PDF.

Marvin Gaye springs to mind, makes me wanna holler and throw up both my hands.

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