Monday, November 20, 2006

Go Home

Is the choice that the American people have stated a preference for, but our opinion doesn't seem to matter anymore than it did on the bankruptcy bill. Or the Terri Schiavo resolution. The Pentagon is even less likely to listen to its employers than Congress did.

My first STFU award goes to Charles Rangel. Babbling bozo. Do they have recall elections in New York? They might want to consider it before all people 42 and younger have to register for the draft so they can be used as fodder in the "go long" strategy.

Meanwhile, McCain wants to "go big". Sending innocent kids to die is easy once you've rolled over on torture, isn't it old man? FYI, you are the threat at home. Presidential material you aren't but I suppose you might look good to people after the last six years.

Why must old men who dream of days of glory past, be adamant about sending young people to be the last person to die for a mistake? Have they not heard the phrase "throwing good money after bad"? It also applies to human beings. They should try being one for a change, we might like it.


  1. I am one of those guys in Iraq, the ones that you want to bring home. I'd like to advance two points, if I may. First, there's not a lot of folks asking us what we think. I mean, we are the one's here risking, and losing, our lives in this "mistake", shouldn't our opinions count for something? I realize that being in the military I have a responsibility to do what the civilian leadership require, but I am still a citizen, I do have an opinion.

    Second, I'm here, I see first hand what is going on, and the US media really isn't portraying the "truth on the ground". I talk with Iraqis everyday about the fight here and they tell me that it isn't a war against certain people as in past wars, it is a war against civilization (their word, not mine) and that we must continue to fight against those that want to prevent democracy in Iraq. They tell me that they are so glad that the Americans are here and that we are helping them rebuild the country and try to protect them from "insurgents". They also know that we won't stay forever and that they will ultimately be responsible for the safety and prosperity of their people. I have been thanked countless times from Iraqi Army Soldiers, police, city councilmen, imams, sheiks, businessmen and just regular people for coming to Iraq and helping their country.

    It is worth it to stay. It is worth it to help these people who want our help, who desire to have what we have: freedom. They don't want to be told how to practice religion, or where they must live, what crops they must grow or anything that resembles the oppressive regime of the past. I know they want this because they have told me. I'm not taking some politician's word for it, I'm here, I talk to the people.

    Thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say. Hopefully, it gives you something to think about. The war, in my opinion, was far from a mistake. The mistake was in not fighting it sooner.

  2. I'm sorry, but I will trust Riverbend over at BaghdadBurning for the way that the Iraqis see the problem.

    Second, having spent my own time in the military in different countries, I can say that there is a vast difference in sentiments between the people the military contacts on a frequent basis and the rest of the population.

    I'm glad you don't think it is a mistake to interfere in a sovereign country that had nothing to do with hurting America while we ignore those who do pose a serious threat. It helps to rationalize when you get orders that don't make sense and don't accomplish a clear objective.

    The media find it hard to portray anything on the ground since it keeps blowing up around them and it isn't safe to travel. There is no way that life has improved for the Iraqi people and it certainly hasn't improved for our troops.

    Peace and prosperity will exist in another generation but not this one.