Sunday, November 12, 2006

Never Been There

So I took this regional accent quiz and they say I sound like I'm from:
What American accent do you have?
Your Result: Philadelphia

Your accent is as Philadelphian as a cheesesteak! If you're not from Philadelphia, then you're from someplace near there like south Jersey, Baltimore, or Wilmington. if you've ever journeyed to some far off place where people don't know that Philly has an accent, someone may have thought you talked a little weird even though they didn't have a clue what accent it was they heard.

The Midland
The South
The Inland North
The Northeast
North Central
The West
What American accent do you have?
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Never been there, Wilmington or South Jersey but I hear from my mom I was in Baltimore for a few hours when I was two.

I have lived in England, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Washington State and my personal favorite, California.

Depending on who I'm talking to, most people think I'm from New York or the South. If I'm talking on the phone and they've never met me, nobody knows I'm black. I couldn't do that accent if someone held a gun to my head. I can do Scottish better and I've never been there. I'm a chameleon, comedienne or something to that effect.

H/T to Dark Wraith, Minstrel Boy and Konagod.


  1. You've lived so many places you must have blown the program. :lol:

  2. They pegged me correctly - Midland.


  3. My result was inland north, though I only go there to visit the wife's family. She spent most of her time in the NE(NY born, as well as her dad) and I'm of CT stock with most of my growing up in S.Jersey (where the local accent is similar to here without the southern slow dipthong thing going on-S.Jersey twang, it's called). We both now live in VA,(20 and 30 years respectively) and the southern diphthongs have crept into my speech, though she and I now talk alot alike-and her main accent is NY state!(and Boston). I don't think the quiz is accurate. Maybe too many variables that cancel out for those of us who lived in multiple places. (CT,NJ,VA,CA for me).

  4. my accent says more about the area it is pegged to i think than it does me. i started out with a mild to moderate southern drawl (central florida) after living for just two years in northwest new "yawk" (right on lake ontario) everyone i met asked me if i was from the moutains of pennsylvania.

    hence i take it that an northern accent heavily influened by canadians mixed with a southern drawl equals hill people of pennsylvania.

    the funny part is after meeting many of these exact people from the penn mountains, i can say that i feel far more at home around them than i do anyone else. wierd.

    and i am mostly italian, go figure.