Friday, November 03, 2006

Silencing The Messenger

The party of smaller government and fiscal responsibility has decided to make certain parts of the government smaller without being responsible fiscally. It is a sad day when lawmakers don't know how this provision got into the final bill. And people think the White House is going to play fair on the election. Anybody need some swampland?

Speaking of swampland, the Dutch were able to pull together a tremendous rescue effort to rescue about a hundred horses from drowning. The horses were stranded on a knoll for three days by unexpected storm surges. Once again I wonder why the response to the people of New Orleans during Katrina was so lacking.

Another study that points out the obvious. Doctors don't make house calls anymore and their after hours availability is good if you're at the nineteenth hole. Medicine is now a job and not a calling, which helps to explain why health care is not a real priority.

Borat. If the movie is half as funny as he was on SNL this weekend, it should be hysterical. The US needs some humor, I will probably see it on Wednesday, November 8 so I can hide from the fallout.

It's raining and comfort food sounds really good right now. This Fireside Lamb Stew rocks the mouth with tasty flavors.

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  1. The provision got there because some sneaky bastard put it there and the rest of the sneaky bastards looked the other way because they do exactly the same thing.

    Mystery solved. I'm a freakin' Sherlock Holmes!