Friday, December 22, 2006

Fraternal Friday Links

Eating organic used to mean something. It meant that the food was grown in clean soil, devoid of any additives, pesticides or herbicides. As with most things that affect the general public; names have been changed, rules have been relaxed, oversight has been reduced or eliminated, boards are being stacked with compliant members and nothing means what it used to. Too bad the quality or safety of the food won't improve.

If your intent is to thin out the population, the draft probably is of benefit to society. Of bigger benefit to society would be to drop the warlike holier than thou attitude and try to get along with the rest of the world instead of trying to dominate, control and force our way of life on the rest of the world. I believe this is called sowing the field.

The Journal has a nice article on the best and worst ads for 2006 and how much advertising is changing to better reach the consumer. I very rarely watch tv but now there's YouTube so I can catch up and they planned for that. I don't need this product but I've met people who are thankful it exists.

I hear that SNL has had some funny moments (on purpose and it's not a campaign year!)lately and thanks to that YouTube place I can see the explicit version of the Timberlake skit. Snicker.

From the same state that doesn't want John Connolly's body exhumed for the "magic" bullet. Go figure. Try to solve one of the two greatest conspiracy theories of the last fifty years or put a young black man in jail. Priorities, priorities. As if he isn't suffering enough for his stupidity.

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