Thursday, December 07, 2006

Geeky Thursday Thoughts

Tornadoes in London. Wow! Is there anybody left who doesn't believe that the climate is changing? And not for the better? How about gulls attacking whales for food? They used to wait until they were dead but that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.

I played with the template again. I replaced the labels as tabs hack with a dropdown menubar that has widgets in it. Now I have to download some stuff into a graphics program and play with two .gifs (more than I really want to do!) and then I should be able to get it to blend in a little better. I also reduced my categories and as soon as I find the other hack that lets me add subcategories I should be done playing with the template. And if you believe that one...

How do you remember? They are getting closer to figuring out how memory works, Interference seems to be reason why people misremember. When I was in college I had a psychology teacher who loved to test my memory at odd times. She was fascinated by how well mine worked and never hesitated to put me on the spot. She thought she was conducting an experiment and was never aware that I was conducting my own. This was an 8 am class and I would rearrange my mental faculties by outside means and then attend class. This is one of the reasons I'm confident about my memory skills. They've been tested. Thoroughly.

Not that anyone besides me can see it, but I'm using a holiday Firefox theme. Tinseltown, with candy canes, lights and wreaths. That's as close as I'm going to get to decorating.

What I do enjoy are the make fun of the holiday movies. I watched The Ref again. It's one of my favorite movies, the dialog is hilarious. Denis Leary always makes me laugh even though it was strange to hear an Iraq joke from a twelve year old movie. Mom said it was just like our family Thanksgivings. I'm going to have to get Home For The Holidays for her. That one really nails our family.

The speed of thought can affect your mood. This is one case of the faster, the better.

Kitchen utensils that someone thought every cook should have. What disturbs me is that I have everything except the oval pan and the terrine dish, but then I do love to cook. A good knife is indispensable and my 10 inch Wusthof Classic Chef's knife is my favorite. I also have an 8 inch Chef and a 7 inch Santoku. One of these days I would like to have a sushi knife but a good one is worth as much as my car. I'm not into baking. While I have been accused of being anal retentive, baking is just way too precise for me, I prefer to cook according to my taste buds.

Do you get the feeling I'm avoiding politics? You're right At least until something comes along that I can't ignore.


  1. Tornadoes in London.

    Sounds like a bad disaster film to me. You those ones they're always making for SciFi Channel.

  2. Those disaster scenes might not be that far off. If we discover a mutant monster somewhere, I'm going to panic.

    So, if the glaciers are melting due to global warming does that mean The Blob can make a reappearance? That movie creeped me out as a kid.