Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning Musings

Imagine that most women you meet automatically know that you don't "measure up" to some arbitrary standard? In an effort to prevent the spread of HIV some genius decided to point out that a majority of Indian men are one to two inches smaller than the world average. Maybe the average needs to be readjusted since that is a significant number of men.

Holiday office parties bring out the worst in people. Actually it's the alcohol and those who aren't used to drinking in public. Now it seems they suffer more from the aftereffects. Wuss!

Inching toward history is right, another political cult of personality in my lifetime. I don't do the swoon thing, he's much too likely to end up like the song.

I was wondering how long this would take, I knew she wasn't dumb when she married Gates but she's patient too. Good things come to she who waits.

One of the ways I solved the transformer problem is that mom and I have the same phone and I picked my power strips so they can take those odd looking plugs. I am extremely deficient in electrical outlets and the power drain has to be carefully managed otherwise things start blowing. Nothing else must be used when the microwave is going.

Who are these people kidding? At 91 there was never going to be any "justice", just like there won't be for Castro. They accomplished their life's goals and are dying in their old age just like normal people. The time to have done something was years ago, not whining about your lack of revenge now.

Childbirth used to be a natural act. In an effort to turn it into a medical procedure many things are done that have nothing to do with the health of the baby or mother and everything to do with convenience. Now it seems that an effort to avoid pain during childbirth can have detrimental effects on the infant's brain, and ultimately their health, by depriving them of the protection of breast milk. Epidurals may give the perception of making childbirth easier while in reality they extend labor, lower blood pressure and now pass an opiate to an unborn child. Get in shape, it's healthier in the long run.

Of course I'm going to go see Star Trek XI when it comes out and if Kevin Pollak can't act like James Kirk, Matt Damon would be an acceptable substitute. Very acceptable.

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