Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Saturday Hmm Edition

Children are like pets, granted very expensive and expressive pets but they still need guidance. As any good pet owner can attest, it is more effective to train the owner to be consistent than it is to beat the animal. Consistency is important in childrearing and now it is being tried as a viable option to medicating children into proper behavior. What a concept.

Taking care of a family member is difficult. No matter how much you love them, it does get tiring and so with very little fanfare Congress is starting to provide some relief.

We've been having a few rattles in the East Bay this week and Cookie Jill over at Skippy's place points out some earthquake history.

Most outrageous comments of 2006, by conservatives anyway.

Yes, there's a Muslim in Congress, whoopee! Did you know that there are also two Buddhists? And that one of them is from Georgia? I didn't but Maha did.

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