Monday, December 04, 2006

War Two Ways

So which is it? If the situation is worse than it was during the Lebanese civil war, why wouldn't the Iraq situation be a civil war? And yes, life was better for the average Iraqi under Saddam than it is now, thanks for pointing that out. A day late, a dollar short and thousands of innocent Iraqis later.

The world stood by and let America destroy a sovereign country for no good reason. Or at least not one that was valid for more than a few weeks. Considering the trade imbalance it should have been easy to impose sanctions on us. Something could have been done that would have shown the world's displeasure besides pointing out four years too late that the defecation has come into contact with the rotary oscillator.

Breathing while black. I've done it for years, I don't recommend it as a lifestyle. There are less colorful ways to be frustrated by life.

Erectile dysfunction ads should be aired during traditional men's programming. Kids toy commercials air during the time they are most likely to be watching tv, the same should hold true for adults.

Can't we do anything right? We seem to have a problem finishing the job in Afghanistan or Iraq. We are like a bull in a china shop, crashing around and destroying the merchandise with no way to fix it when we're gone.

Speaking of not fixing things, it seems that one thing that FEMA is competent at is finding ways not to help the needy. Less than one fourth of one percent will reach the financial cap imposed on the victims of Rita and Katrina. You'd think they were giving away millions but we're talking about $26,200. This is going to sound callous but they would have been better off as victims of 9/11. It's amazing how we prioritize life, isn't it? Class warfare continues with only one side having bullets.

Aurora, one of these days it might dawn on you how clueless you are, how little education you have and how big your own prejudices are. The Palestinian situation is bad and quite a bit of it is due to Israel's bad behavior. Why is it ok for some groups to fight against injustice and others are considered to be racists and bigots for pointing out the obvious? Thinking wasn't her strong suit, spewing venom is. It sounds like it was more than Carter that made her a modern day Republican.

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  1. I've always wondered what it would be like to be black -- what it would be like for other people to prejudge you based only on the color of your skin. I don't get it, and I never could without living it. My parents raised me to know that we are all equals in every way; race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. has nothing to do with our being human. Where does this hate come from?