Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Flights Of Fancy

This is not a joke. There really is a site where active Muslim women can find sportswear and swimwear to suit their lifestyle. The Burqini even comes with a detachable hood.

If I got the History channel, of course I would watch the 40th Anniversary Star Trek show narrated by Leonard Nimoy. No doubt about it at all.

I remember when all the jokes were about Microsoft taking over the universe. If Google is going to map the universe will a Denebian be able to get directions to the nearest watering hole? To bad they can't map out a strategy to get us out of Iraq. That would be useful.

So, powerful people can't understand the perspectives of other people. Gee, that is so obvious with the current resident of the White House.

A little humor from Carl at Simply Left Behind.

A little 24 humor, plus a quickie roundup of the people involved.

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  1. Quick. Someone call Sports Illustrated and tell them about the burquinis. Perfect for the swimsuit issue!