Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday News And Views

Due to Google Reader's ease of use, I have been able to check in on more blogs, quickly. What I like about it is that I don't have to wait for the site to load, I can read quickly by just going down the page and then opening the articles that I want to read more of. Blogrolling doesn't seem to reflect when people update there site and the Reader is almost instantaneous.

Kiko's House is an interesting place to hang out at. No milk or cookies but great perspective, wonderful writing and a very subtle sense of humor. Today he weighs in the decline of the newspaper, sparked by the recent round of layoffs in Philadelphia. His conclusions reflect my reading habits.

I watched Princess Diana's funeral on the web, have followed most major events and elections on the web and haven't bought a paper in years. Besides the fact that the news is old, the paper is bulky, dirty and has way too much advertising to justify killing all those trees. I hate trying to find the rest of the article which is usually broken into strange paragraphs to accommodate something I'm not interested in buying. The web doesn't do that.

On the other hand, just like James Kirk, some people like the feel of a book or paper in their hands. While the internet might be the way I prefer to get my news, I realize that the in-depth investigating is done by the print side of the news. Yeah, tv looks pretty but they tend to be superficial even when they are digging deep.

Pander Bear. Now that's a great name for McCain. His favorite color is probably plaid just so he can cover that base too. Two more years of this crap, events can change the perceived outcome. Please.

Thee last time NBC offered a preview of something on NetFlix, the shows (Kidnapped and Studio 60) didn't live up to their potential. Since this will be a Heroes recap, hopefully that same fate won't hold true though I am looking forward to the preview of Raines.

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