Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Idiots

Typical shortsightedness. Buying the military that they wish they had. Pork galore, everyone to the trough. Nowhere in the supplemental budget (unforeseen costs, just like the unforeseen consequences that this administration specializes in) are there provisions to repair the heart and soul of the military. The troops.

Once again, in case the last few years have not made it clear to the citizenry, it is all about the Benjamins and making sure they go to the cronies and corporations, not protecting the country.

Equipment is all well and good but the military is trying to gear up for a fight that doesn't exist and ignoring the one that does. Instead of trying to purchase two jets that won't be available for years and will be absolutely no use in the global war on terror, perhaps the money could be better spent on better protection for the troops or more efficient ways to determine where the IEDs are, besides using the human body to absorb the explosions. Largess, indeed. They aren't even shy about how ripping off the public. Not shy at all.

Since mom had her stroke I put us both on a mature multivitamin, a super B complex and fish oil. We are getting at least 800 mcg of folate daily, which seems to be a good thing. Besides lowering homocysteine levels it might slow age related hearing loss. It's frightening to think that in comparison to the Dutch, Americans are better nourished. The Dutch might not get as much folic acid but then they also don't have our high rates of obesity and diabetes.

What exactly is the purpose of this story? It draws no conclusions while pointing out an inequity without providing evidence. Is the program beneficial or is it just a way to get around No Child Left Behind, by elminating them from the testing pool?

Over diagnosing. Definitely a problem. As I used to tell people, women had babies long before there were doctors, not that you would know it by how a pregnant woman is treated today. Once you receive a diagnosis then you require treatment. Usually some type of prescription for a new drug that just came on the market and it suits your specific problem. The one you didn't have until you went to the doctor.

Last year I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. No symptoms whatsoever and I would have noticed a racing heartbeat or a loss of weight. Not one symptom but that didn't stop them, some blood test said there was something wrong. I insisted on another test. It came back exactly opposite. My thyroid is having a party all by itself and I have no symptoms. At all. The doctor wanted to put me on medication but until it starts to affect my life, I'm not taking anything. I go back in March for a follow up.

More Firefox extensions that some have never heard of. I use three of those listed.

FO! Please. And if you won't do that, how about STFU. You don't read so we know that this didn't come from your pen. Or brain. Thank goodness for those speechwriters. It's you who are stale. Mate.

Update, I added a link for why it's taking so long to protect the troops.

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