Monday, January 15, 2007

Is It Monday Again?

This guy must be a riot to live with. This is the most off-base, lack-of-future review I've seen about anything, much less the iPhone.
Lastly, the iPhone is a defensive product. It is mainly designed to protect the iPod, which is coming under attack from mobile manufacturers adding music players to their handsets. Yet defensive products don't usually work -- consumers are interested in new things, not reheated versions of old things. Likewise, who is it pitched at? The price and the e-mail features make it look like a business product. But Apple is a consumer company. Will your accounts department stump up for a fancy new handset just so you can listen to Eminem on your way to a business meeting?
Is he serious? Did he pick the journalistic short straw and had to write the most clueless review? Because this review is a little more positive and realistic.

There have been reviews where the reviewers heads were so far in the clouds that they thought they could fly and along comes Mr. I don't understand and therefore I don't find it useful so it will be a quiet flop and everyone will have moved on. Another member of the past reality based community who just wants the same old things while he complains about those younguns.

The Venice Project looks like a good idea for those of us who don't want to be tied down to the house to watch tv. Of course being with Verizon will prevent me from using this service without violating the terms of my contract but I'm hoping that there will be a change of service soon.

I wonder what the lucky couple will get if they produce a son? This story gets worse as time goes on. History is going to have a field day with era, provided there is someone around to read it. It does tend to leave one with the impression that barbarism isn't too far removed from the gene pool.

Oops, they really don't like drugs in the Middle East. Not even if you are royalty. The death sentence seems a little harsh.

They are just going to have to change those pageant rules, pretty soon nobody is going to be qualified to a be a role model except for Ugly Betty.

I hope 24 is a little more exciting than last night, without the Lechter issues. I do miss the comic relief that Kim used to afford, but not enough to want her back on a full time basis. That cougar might show up again.

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