Sunday, January 14, 2007

Obligatory 24 Post

The furor and hype over 24 has even infected Time. At least there is something on tv tonight. 24 has the equivalent believability of most reality shows and just as much ridiculous backstabbing behavior, but the sarcastic humor quotient is a little higher. I mean where else can you execute your innocent bystander of a boss and still have people who are willing to supervise you?

Somehow I never thought of 24 as being conservative. I can understand why conservatives think so, but not really. I may love Jack; I may root for Jack through all odds, atrocities and unbelievability, but what is the ultimate cost to Jack? No friends, family or personal relationships. Just being associated with him raises your risk of death to unbelievable proportions. On the other hand, having no plan, diplomacy at the end of a gun and leaving a trail of dismembered bodies behind does sort of fit the neo-cons current version of the world.

The end justifies the means, doesn't it? If you are a conservative it does. It's just that sometimes the results aren't what you expected. No wonder they don't like birth control. Too much planning.


  1. I'm looking forward to 24, if only because the actor Alexander Siddig (from Star Trek: DS9) has a role on the show this season. Could be interesting.

  2. I remember the good doctor. Changed his name so he wouldn't be typecast. Guess that didn't work.

    I love Peter MacNichol but i don't think his character is going to be a nice person.