Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday Tinkerings

I am single and proud of it. If mom wasn't living with me, I would happily live alone. Who I am is not defined by the approval of people who want me to join them in their misery. 51% of women are living without the traditional husband arrangement. In addition to which I get the added pleasure of being part of the 70% of black women who are permanently single. It makes the joke of being kidnapped by a terrorist just a little more plausible nowadays. Once you hit 50, the dating possibilities are slimmer than a runway model's waist. And about as healthy. How many men are living singly? Or isn't that important?

I put the Feedburner icon back on the page. I had taken if off because I couldn't take the stress of being dumped by people I didn't know and with no explanation as to what I had done to offend them. Then I realized that people are like me, we change our minds as to what is interesting. So I thought I would reactivate FeedBurner. Besides they have good stats. I wonder how many people have me on RSS?

Oh good grief. Why is this nuclear explosion more important than the one in the second season? Was it okay because it redeemed a character? I warned you, Somehow I knew that Curtis wasn't long for this world. And by Jack's hand. Mason, Chappelle, Curtis and Nina. Mason volunteered to fly the bomb because he already knew he was dying. Chappelle was in the wrong place at the wrong time and unlike our current leaders, he had to pay for that mistake. With his life. There isn't much to be said about Nina except a good girl gone bad, maybe this season we'll find out why. Plus, 24 has its own weird guy with birth control glasses.

I find it more that a little funny that the former Soviet Union is against the death penallty. In principle anyway. Meanwhile someone besides the not so crazy moonbats thinks there was an ulterior motive to the Saddam hanging. Color me. Shocked.


  1. The Bush administration loves to hide things. I wish they would hide Bush and Cheney then forget where they put them.

  2. The number on men was only 47% are married.

    Funny, that makes 53% of MEN living single - even more than women. The title of that article should have said: Majority of US adults are living alone now.

  3. Ole Blue,

    From your lips to the universe's ear.


    They don't wan't us knowing how isolated American's really are.

    Very sad, considering how invested people seem to be in couple hood.