Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday's Oddities

When you think your life really sucks, you can always find someone that can make you feel grateful for what you have. Someone should help this guy out. He shouldn't be allowed to die because of a technicality. He won the money and some kind of arrangement should be made. He isn't a criminal, he shouldn't be on death row. Our healthcare system needs revamping. Immediately.

I don't care that another politician has thrown his hat into the ring. He hasn't a snowball's chance of getting my vote. And it has nothing to do with his faith.

Kansas is still trying to make its way out of the Dark Ages. Good luck, and welcome to the present.

The dumbing down of the American Mind. So true.

I love StumbleUpon, I should post there more often. I don't have a Wii, and the terms of my Verizon contract supposedly prevent me from using too much of my unlimited bandwidth, but videos that have been vetted by the community have to be better than randomly clicking on video links.

VA data is missing. Again. My data was included in the last breach that I was told not to worry about. The FBI lost laptops. How can these agencies track terrorism, much less provide adequate service, if they can't keep track of their own equipment?

I rely on my hearing for quite a bit and fortunately mine is really good. I make judgments based on engine noise, it lets me know if drivers are accelerating or decelerating. I used to be able to tell the make of car by how it started. Long before I knew they were related, I thought that Porsches and VWs sounded the same on startup. If a hybrid is silent, that removes information that a pedestrian uses to gauge safety. Especially the blind. What good is it to make walk signals emanate tones if hybrids are silent at slow speeds? The California stop is way too popular for that. Maybe there should be some type of sound?

I watched the first hour of 24 last night and then switched to Heroes. I'll download the second half this afternoon. This is the first time I haven't liked Peter MacNichol in a role. 24 spends too much time on trying to depose the President. They tried it in season 2, blew his replacement out of the sky in Season 3, killed a former President in season 5, and are talking about the same type of treason again. I thought this was supposed to be a conservative show? It must be today's conservatives because the Constitution doesn't seem to exist in their world.

Meanwhile, over on Heroes, poor Claire. You realize that your birth parents really don't want you and then find out your mom is no longer herself. Too much mind manipulation from the Haitian. Sylar is batting goofy eyes in order to find more victims to kill, Jessica is the cleanest murderer on the planet (never gets a drop of blood on her), Hiro is locked in a room while Ando is being snookered by what looks like a crossdresser and Matt took the diamonds. I wonder if he's going to take them to Linderman? Nathan's a true politician, isn't he? Illegitimate child, an affair with another woman and willing to sacrifice his brother in order to be elected. Sounds like he's qualified.


  1. I sent out the "Dumbing Down" article to some of my family and friends who tend to be conservative. I wonder if they will "get it"?

  2. I hope so. We have to start bringing them back to reality, even if it's one person at a time.

    Before it's too late.