Monday, March 19, 2007

Guns, Mayhem and Murder

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I was talking with some senior citizens the other day and mentioned that for the second time in their lives, they would see a Great Depression. Failing to follow that thought to a complete conclusion I completely disregarded the fact that as the economy fails, violence rises. Then I read the news this morning.

I have been so focused on the Iraq debacle, the Afghanistan forget-me-not, and the daily trials and tribulations of the crew without a clue that I (and the rest of America) have ignored the quickly growing problem of our very own sectarian violence and ethnic cleansing.

The police are still treating peace demonstrators like terrorists. How power mad do you have to be to drag a 76 year old woman, who walks with a cane, across a street and rip her leg open? How much time does it take to ask someone for a permit before resorting to violence? Since when is peace too controversial for a parade?

The NRA is preparing for the coming ...whatever. These guys are certifiable. They embrace and are doing their best to spread their apocalyptic view of the world. If only they would devote that energy to something a little more helpful, like regulated gun control. I have no objection to emotionally stable people owning a personal weapon or hunting rifle. AK-47s and Ouzis are more than you need to defend you, your property and your loved ones. Unless we are being physically invaded by an organized army, in which case something along the order of a tank will be required.


  1. I am telling you, the inmates have taken over the asylum!

  2. And I'm starting to run scared. It's amazing how much we changed in seven years. Gang violence was on its way out, it's amazing what fomenting hatred and intolerance will do.

  3. On the other hand, consider this.

    And then consider that restricting access to arms will change none of the conditions that make people resort to them for crime, or feel the need to have them (legally or otherwise) to defend against crime.

    It does mean that when criminals run the government to their own advantage, it's more difficult for citizens to snort and say, "Yah? You and what army?"

    That's the point to the 2nd Amendment - it's not just a right; it's a duty, an honor and an inalienable fact that it's very difficult to round up armed civilians and send them off to Bergen-Belson, Australia or to war against their will.

    This was the whole idea of the second amendment - to keep government mindful of this ultimate check-rein upon their power over individuals.

    As a tool of freedom, guns are no more dangerous than cars - but of immensely more symbolic value to the American People, like it or not.

    The very best form of gun control is being sure you can hit what you aim at with the arms of your preference - and requiring that minimum standard of everyone between the ages of 18 and 49 who wishes to vote.

    I think that in a nation where uniformed thugs abuse old women for exercising their First Amendment Rights, it's time to recall the Second - and our duty to stand up to people who would behave that way, no matter what gang they belong to,

  4. Bob, I beleive in the Second Amendment, but automatic weapons should not be easily available on the street. For any reason, because it isn't necessary.

    If for some reason we have to defend this nation in a hurry, that's what I thought armories were for. Individual citizens have no need of military grade weapons. Hunting, self defense, collections, yes, semi and automatic weapons. No. If there weren't so many made, there wouldn't be so many on the streets.

    Besides, I can't yell fire in a movie theater, unless there is one.

  5. Besides, I was just talking about the wacky ad. I never tried to relate the gang violence to the gun ad, I was just trying to point out how violent we were getting.

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