Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

The woman has been dead for a month and is still garnering headlines. How many G.I.'s lost life (over 100) and limb in the same time period? Does anybody care besides their families and those of us who blog or are they so distracted by the latest blond experience that nothing else matters? Have we become such a superficial society that we care more about a woman who spent her life occupying the tabloids in life and death, and very little for a man who gave up fame and fortune to defend his country and then lost his life due to friendly fire and had that covered up for years? Hey, I hear Britney's giving interviews.

How to get your nap on, which is a rather active phrase for such a restful activity.

My idea of Homeland Security is just that, protecting the homeland. This means beefing up the Coast Guard, not losing lives across the world to insurgents that we helped to create. Thank goodness someone else is finally supervising this forgotten branch of defense. Drugs are not all that they search for and they need quality working equipment to accomplish their mission.

So, good cholesterol drugs don't work as well as hoped. Heaven forbid that people should exercise and change their diet. And as Elizabeth Edwards pointed out on 60 Minutes last night, we all die of something. And to really cheer you up, if you don't die of a heart attack or stroke, which is the most likely statistical possibility, Alzheimer's is liable to get you.

All alone at the top. Why don't I feel sorry for him? Well, when you decide to be the Decider, why should anyone else feel like participating in the decision making process? Every body is so focused on running for the next office that they aren't doing the job they were hired for. Serving the American people. Something that seems to fly right past the party of mismanagement. It wasn't just the trifecta of Walter Reed, the FBI abuses or the obvious political over and undertones of the US Attorney firings, it was the six year record of incompetence and cronyism that has made the American people weary and cynical towards their "representatives". Lonely, oh so lonely. And what do infants do when they are left alone too long? They destroy things. Look out for the fallout.

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  1. The Decider decided to start a war he cannot win. The Decider decided to rape the treasury of billions of dollars for Halliburton.

    The Decider decided to help out a CIA agent, fire federal prosecutors who wouldn't indict Democrats before the election.

    The Decider decided to ignore the wishes of the American people and continue one war while preparing to start another.

    I'm tired of having my destiny decided for me by a madman.