Friday, March 16, 2007

Rationalizing After The Fact

Why is it that with all the high tech gadgets that the military likes to play with, that the best way to clear a room is with a grenade? They leave no room for error, innocents are killed along with the guilty or just by themselves. Will the police in America be taking up this tactic? It's awfully hard to ask questions of the dead.
Another decision Wuterich made that day was to lead an attack on two houses. That attack killed three women and six children. The Marines attacked the first house with the permission of a superior officer because they thought two or three shots were fired at them from it. Wuterich says the Marines tossed a grenade into a room in the dwelling before determining who was inside. They pressed the attack with a charge through the door and gunshots to kill any survivors. According to Wuterich, this was the best way to clear a house safely, and he has no compunction about doing it. "You can't hesitate to make a decision. Hesitation equals being killed, either yourself or your men ... That's what we do. That's how our training goes."

Wuterich says he saw that the attack on the first house had killed women and children. But he did not stop the assault, because he says he saw a back door open in the house and assumed the sniper had gone through it to the next house. "My responsibility as a squad leader is to make sure that none of the rest of my guys died ... and at that point we were still on the assault, so no, I don't believe [I should have stopped the attack], he tells Pelley.

"We went through that house much the same, prepping the rooms with grenades, going in there, and eliminating the threat and engaging the targets," says Wuterich. In the second house, a man, two women and four children who ranged in age from 2 to 14, died. "Did we know that civilians were in there? No. It would have been one thing if we went in those rooms and looked at everyone and shot them," Wuterich tells Pelley. "We cleared these houses the way they were supposed to be cleared."
They're still dead, killed in their own homes, a place where most people expect to be safe. What exactly are we supposed to be fighting for? No wonder the vets can't sleep at night and see horrible visions during their waking hours. Let's send more troops over so they can suffer and come back emotionally, spiritually and physically damaged for life.

I don't use instant messaging, mainly because I was tired of being interrupted while surfing or typing and my life just isn't that interesting. It was constantly disrupting my train of thought, so it had to go. Cellphones and email are enough tracking for me. Privacy matters, at least to me.

Low energy density with a high water content to make you lose weight. Volumetrics. Interesting concept that makes sense and is easy to follow. Healthy too. I just need a chart, not a whole book. Most Americans don't eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, which would go a long way to improving general health.

The Republicans in the Senate continue to spit in the face of their constituents. They are so proud of themselves because they made it clear that a majority of the Senate opposes a deadline for the withdrawal of troops. Just because nearly 60 percent of their employers, that would be the citizens of the United States, want a complete withdrawal from Iraq within a year is no reason to vote the way their constituents want. Not much has changed since the election. Except that now there are more troops in Iraq with a request for even more. Sigh.

The crew without a clue doesn't do anything very well, including damage control as Howard Kurtz helpfully points out this morning while the National Review goes so far as to say that it was mishandled into a scandal. Why is it that Republicans think that lying is only for them? From Watergate to the Iran Contra scandal to a myriad selection of missteps from the current administration, they keep lying to the American people and believe that they have the moral high ground. The only high ground that they have is populated with the lives of the innocents that got in their way.

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