Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Nibbles

Bite me. That goes for both insects and George Will.
Wood notes that there is a "vagueness and elasticity of the grievances" that supposedly justify today's almost exuberant anger. And anger is more pervasive than merely political grievances would explain. Today's anger is a coping device for everyday life. It also is the defining attribute of an increasingly common personality type: the person who "unless he is angry, feels he is nothing at all."

That type, infatuated with anger, uses it to express identity. Anger as an expression of selfhood is its own vindication. Wood argues, however, that as anger becomes a gas polluting the social atmosphere, it becomes not a sign of personal uniqueness but of a herd impulse.
Explain that to the kids who cut themselves in order to feel something. I don't luxuriate in my anger toward the man who destroyed this country and all it stood for. Bush deserves that and more. I ache with sadness and despair. And George, Krugman is not the equivalent of Coulter. There is no equivalent for someone as vile, vicious and vituperative as she who will never be linked or quoted again on my blog. Except for one instance and you can find that category listed in my sidebar. At least the insects will provide some protection against parasites.

Space Mountain was one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. This is a virtual ride, which can be done traditionally or with the work lights on.

Oops, forgot to hit publish, I've been out gardening for hours.

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