Monday, March 12, 2007

There's That Word Again

Morality. And last night on 60 Minutes it was used in a sentence that leaves no doubt that the US no longer defines the word the way the rest of the world does. To us morality is no sex before marriage, no gay marriage, no abortion, no immigration unless it's physically obvious that you aren't one of them, no accidental flashing of mammary glands on television, no dirty words on the radio. The crew without a clue have ignored global warming, as well as severe poverty and hunger, excuse me, low food security, health care has become a joke and they want to export our moral values to other countries. There shouldn't be that many since our words never match our actions unless it's to cause death and destruction.
But Taft says, "Some of these people lives are in jeopardy. You don’t wait around for months and months and months to try to find out if a former translator whose life has been threatened is gonna be a threat to the United States. You’ve already vetted this person. You know this person."

Retried General Paul Eaton worries about the message all of this is sending to America’s other allies in the world. "Anybody who threw their lot in with the Americans deserves an opportunity for a future. And the loyalty has got to be in both directions. If we do not take care of these people, then the signal to anybody else in the future is a bad signal. And if you throw your lot with the United States, they'll use you for a while and then they will – they'll just cut you off," he argues.

Asked if he thinks it's a matter of honor, Eaton says, "I believe this is a matter of morality."
I guess he didn't get the memo. Morality = No Sex. Nothing else. Returning the loyalty shown to us is completely out of the question. People tend to feel that others will react the same way they do. To the power hungry cowards currently in charge, fear and revenge is what motivates them, therefore everyone not personally known to them is an enemy,

Our circle of friends is getting smaller and we just don't care. After the world saw how the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast have been treated, it's a wonder that anyone would think that our present government is interested in helping anyone but themselves.

The rest of us are disposable, expendable or prison worthy.

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