Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Morning Nibbles

My guess is that military women in Iraq really aren't drinking enough water during the day so they don't have to go to the latrine at night. It would be interesting to know where the sexual assaults are being committed.

A backwards timeline of the US Attorney firings. They knew there were going to be problems, that what they were doing was probably going to invite scrutiny. What gets me is that they were able plan this since they hadn't previously exhibited the ability to plan anything and every new situation was something that "no one could have anticipated". Too bad they put it in writing.

Six of eight were top performers and five of the eight fired attorneys provided most of the convictions. So much for the stated excuse of incompetence. When you are incompetent in the Bush administration, you get promoted, not fired. If you have difficulty following the party line, you get booted.

Why is it that when a financial problem is discovered, one that had more to do with previous administrations cutting the funding source than ineptitude, that the response is to contain costs by cutting the operating budget, reducing administration and maintenance at a time when logic tells you that the services provided are going to be needed more than ever? The VA retirement home has been under financial siege since the end of the Cold War. Meanwhile veterans of Korea and Vietnam are getting older and need the services. The result? Another shameful example of what not to do when you want to support the troops. From the GAO, not the press. Why did it take two years to get to the mediation table for a situation like this?

So not a surprise. It was obvious that the government's case had been tampered with. The powers that be weren't going to let their compadres lose their jobs or any the companies lose any monies in fines. Exxon still hasn't paid up from the Valdez spill eighteen years ago while managing to have $2 billion shaved from the original award. There's a pattern here, and it isn't pretty.

Less than two years old, plays a mean game of tennis. Wii, that is.

I work with an autistic gentleman and a Downs syndrome woman. Absolutely fascinating people. And yes, they do have their own prejudices. While being deaf was listed as the most preferable disability, blindness wasn't mentioned. Interesting. Oh well, to quote my autistic friend,"okay, bye!"

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