Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Unprecedented Window

I admit it, I like to mess with my brain, just to see what it can do. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane or take some wild physical risk, not so much. I enjoy taking tests, practicing being incapacitated in some way, patting my head while rubbing my tummy, speaking in front of larg crowds, that sort of thing. Trying to fool my senses fascinates me. Visual stuff isn't very effective since my depth perception is practically nonexistent, but hat leaves touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. All of which work extremely well as discussed previously.

One of the problems I have with pesto, is that the color isn't normal for a sauce. Or meat, and you could totally forget the ketchup. A green fruit somehow makes me think of sour or immature. Green vegetables? Yum! Does color influence my taste perception? Yes it does, but not as much as texture. I love green beans in any form except French cut. They taste slimy. I'd rather eat chocolate covered ants.

Do you know the ten horniest presidents? The twentieth century certainly enjoyed the more physical satisfying perks of the position.

Since when has being able to effectively serve the president, been a requirement with this administration? I thought they were supposed to serve the country, at the pleasure of the president. Oops, my mistake.

George's last stand. It used to refer to Custer. Likely to have the same outcome.


  1. It became a requirement to serve the President once he decided he was the damn emperor.


  2. The funny thing about the presidents is that most of the evidence is from hear say and usually from the opposite political party.

    I can't talk about stupid anymore because I feel Bushed. ;-)