Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Observations

It's hard to figure out what's saddest about this story. Is it that he died alone, that nobody missed him, or that it took eighteen months to find his body. If it wasn't for the tax man ...

I don't smoke and I find this offensive. Perfume has the same effect on me, what about banning it?

Now it occurs to people that no money down wasn't a good idea? The bottom is falling out and it's a long way down. Since these types of things tend to snowball, when everything shakes out there will probably be quite a few less individual homeowners for a substantial period of time.

Uh oh, the President was disturbed with a problem while he was outside the country and he's not happy about it. As I noted yesterday, Harriet Miers is going to be the fall girl in this scandal. So much for loyalty. Plus, she's a girl and that equals expendable to the crew without a clue.

I remember this joke from when I was in, now it has an extra paragraph for a disease that wasn't common at the time. Found on a blog from a patient, excuse me, Wounded Warrior, at Walter Reed. Good stuff.

10 Ideas to Get You Exercising

Photo proof that men like to look at crotches and they don't really care what or who it belongs to.

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