Friday, April 27, 2007

Early Morning Wanderings

In a true conservative world, wouldn't the states have final say over what gets built, and where? If this keeps up,, there will be no undoing the damage. To the environment or state's rights. And just why would that be?
"This proposal isn't about preventing blackouts. It is about giving energy companies the upper hand in their interactions with state and local governments," Waxman said. "Moreover, it could undermine progressive energy policies that many of these states have adopted."
You don't say, wish that had been a surprise. Bad boy for pointing that out, no Benjamins under the table for you.

The one redeeming part of Halloween has always been being able to hear Monster Mash and all its variants. I know it's dorky, but I enjoy listening to it. Bobby "Boris" Pickett passed away from leukemia at the age of 69. Rest in peace, you will be missed. By both Bob Dylan and myself.

Snark of the week
Let’s face it, the “debate” pits the Bush administration’s model-democracy delusion against the Democrats’ let’s-just-get-out state of denial.
If it had been up to me, we wouldn't have been there in the first place and I'm tired of throwing good money after bad. One more American casualty is too many and the scores of Iraqi victims is unconscionable. For everyone except the politicians.

General failure, indeed.
"After going into Iraq with too few troops and no coherent plan for postwar stabilization, America's general officer corps did not accurately portray the intensity of the insurgency to the American public," he writes. "For reasons that are not yet clear, America's general officer corps underestimated the strength of the enemy, overestimated the capabilities of Iraq's government and security forces and failed to provide Congress with an accurate assessment of security conditions in Iraq."
The Vietnam war was virtually over by the time I got done with training, but while I was stationed at Ft. Lewis one of the radio stations had a running gag featuring "General Nonsense". I see nothing has changed. Unfortunately, this is more depressing than surprising. Mild-mannered team players. That's a good one. We used terms that were a little more descriptive.

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