Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Morning Quickie

Pot and acid as weapons? What were the researchers high on that would lead them to believe that drugs could be crafted to be useful on the battlefield? Oops, so they tried the drugs too. After they noticed that the volunteers were having such a good time. No wonder the testing went on for seventeen years. One question. If pot can make people laugh at absolutely nothing and the effects can be mitigated by lying down and resting, why is it considered so dangerous?

The battle of the operating systems is virtually over, since you can do almost everything online, from editing photos to storing mp3s. Firefox is the browser of choice for those in the know..

Seems that Time came to the same conclusion about the disparity in sentences for the American and Australian Taliban. Bush isn't going to commute his sentence. Somebody has to be held accountable and Lindh is the sacrificial lamb.

They weren't waterboarded, stripped naked and humiliated, forced to commit humiliating sexual acts, or threatened with dogs. Isolation, being blindfolded, and sleeping on piles of blankets doesn't qualify as torture. America is looking less civilized by the day.

It's only a matter of time before the troops start getting hit with gas attacks. The surge in chlorine suicide bombings is not a good thing, six in two months, and the surge in American deaths is even worse. Eighteen in six days cannot possibly be considered an improvement. How many of those troops had the proper training before being deployed? For three years we have been losing valuable troops and equipment and the country looks worse off than before we got there. What is this week's justification for the debacle?

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  1. For a country with outdated weapons and a pathetic arsenal, they sure make Bush's war strategy as pathetic is his reasons for going there.