Monday, April 09, 2007

History Lessons

On this day in history, the Mercury Seven were announced. Where did all that hope, energy and promise disappear to?

What is it with our so-called leaders and the wannabees who want to be in charge? Hamid Karzai has taken leave of his senses, in the McCain/Cheney/Bush fashion, and has stated that the Taliban are not coming back. Do they know that? Things seem a little explosive in Afghanistan. Sheesh.

Oh yeah, there is this. Whatever happened to the flowers? Oh well, at least they are in the streets, which is more than I can say for us.

Desertion and prosecution of it are increasing. This is to be expected when it is an illegal, immoral war, that some of the troops are on their third tours and with the lower enlistment requirements, you get what you pay for. Commitment is everything when the chips are down and if you are enlisting anybody that can breathe, most of their focus will be on continuing to breathe. Plus, it's pretty obvious to the troops that they don't count, especially if they are injured. You reap what you sow.

He should be embarrassed. I used to like him when I lived in New York. Jimmy the Greek got fired for less.


  1. Imus is an ass. He shouldn't be allowed to live down that nasty comment.

  2. WTF is wrong with Imus? What a knob.

    I can see how Iraqis would be more up with the situation than we are, but it will come to that here. Soon.