Sunday, April 22, 2007

Irony, Sarcasm And Cynicism

Heaven forbid that people can tell the difference. As much as I may like Jeff Foxworthy, redneck humor should not be the sole representative of our level of thinking, but something tells me that it is. The ability to think deeply about a subject (longer than a 30 second sound bite) is discouraged by our "leaders", whose agenda is encouraged by the media and reinforced in the schools by standardized testing so "no child is left behind." To think. Rote memorization produces an unquestioning (because they are no longer capable of independent thought) populace who willingly traipse down the path to destruction. Because they were told to and it's much easier to go along with the crowd than it is to stand up and think for yourself, therefore anyone who does is an idiot and a traitor.

In case it isn't obvious, I'm irritated. And disappointed. My country is gone, killed by the lowest common denominator, abetted by acquiescence and stupidity. Doesn't anyone else think it strange that people can use the internet to spend more time reinforcing their opinions than they do learning new information? That they spend more time trying to find fault than they do answers? It makes me wonder, do they eat the same thing day after day? It certainly smells like it.

Irritation doesn't begin to cover how I'm feeling. Extrapolate that.

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  1. I would have commented earlier but I was mesmerized by the advertisement on your sidebar. ;-)

    Thinking deeply is no longer popular and I have been told that I think to deeply my many friends.

    Politicians want to do the thinking for you. If they would not then we would not have politicians.

  2. I love that Epicurious widget, good ideas and very colorful. Yumm!

    I like to think for myself, thank you very much. When i grew up, everybody did. My how times have changed. Even my classmates have quit thinking.