Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not A Big White Lie

I may be liberal, but at least I'm not stupid. Or white. The conservatives have done so much good for the country lately. Our borders are secure. Not. The economy is stable. Not. Quality of life is improved. Not. Freedom to be an American is encouraged. Not. Our standing in the world is admired. Not. A good education is available to everyone who wants it. Not. We take care of our own cities after a disaster. Not.

If he plays poker the same way he thinks, I can see why he was banned from the monthly poker session. Nobody likes it when you consistently draw to a one out or play 7-2 offsuit. It doesn't matter if you get there or not, it's just a stupid way to play and it gets tiring. Playing every hand, badly, can ruin more than one persons night out. It destroys the game.
This, I believe, is the reason conservative politicians so often lose their nerve, why they back down in debate even when they’re clearly right. No one wants to be condemned as a brute—especially not conservatives, who still retain some vague memory of how worthy it is to be a lady or gentleman.

And because we’ve allowed leftists to define the language of political good manners—don’t say women are less scientific; don’t remark that black people bear the same responsibility for their actions as whites; don’t point out that the gunman was a Muslim, it’s not nice—the sort of person willing to speak the truth isn’t always the sort of person you want to be seen with. It sometimes takes, I mean, a Rush Limbaugh or a Sean Hannity to withstand the obloquy attached to stating the facts of the matter. If these people in their public personae seem harsh to more genteel conservatives, it may be because it requires that extra dollop of aggression to shatter the silence created by the Left’s increasingly elaborate sensitivities.
Exactly when have you guys ever been right? The only nerve the conservatives have lost is the one that enabled them to lie, cheat and steal from the American public. First liberals were too angry and called the never right bad names, now we're too civil. Let me be one of the many to point out that you are an ignorant, insufferable dick-head. You guys are crybaby central. And that's no lie.

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  1. "The thing I like best about being a conservative is that I don’t have to lie."

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This alone is pure comedy gold.

    These crybaby conservatives R teh funny.

  2. He seems very proud of the fact that he's a snob and a racist. Good for him.


  3. I find it interesting how he jumps to point out that in one instance the gunman was Muslim, to justify his point of view. The last time I checked, the Columbine shooters, Timothy McVeigh and Scott Peterson, Charles Manson, Mark David Chapman, John Hinkley, all white, all crazy. Is that a pattern I should be concerned about?