Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Phones, Drones And Broken Bones

Helmet laws. Should people who are too stupid to protect their most valuable organ be forced to wear a helmet so society doesn't have to pay for their vegetative care? Not that I have an opinion on the matter. Let them ride free, there are many people on the transplant lists that will appreciate a second chance at life. They aren't called donorcycles for nothing.

Is depression overdiagnosed? Yes, and instead of figuring out why, give them a pill. When my dad died, my doctor gave me five valium. That was it and it was all I needed. Today's solution is to prescribe an antidepressant and if that doesn't work, you can take two. Not trying to figure out if the depression is situation related but the patient answered five questions affirmatively, therefore they need these drugs to get through their lives. Whatever happened to "time heals all wounds"? Or a more personal intake and getting to know your patient before handing out a crutch instead of support. Happiness isn't overrated, it's underappreciated.

When Verizon disconnected me for using more than my unlimited usage, I discovered that the limit was 5GB. Tech support told me that I could download tv shows from occasionally and that if I upgraded to Rev A, it would really mean unlimited. Oops, and I seem to be in breach of contract, but they never said anything before. Can I let them know and get out of my contract without the fee? It also says they can terminate you when your contract is up. Nice company. Must have gotten their consumer service ideas from Microsoft. I want an iPhone. Oops, wrong company.


  1. Verizon must think no one will ever reach a certain level of "unlimited" usage so if someone does, they are punished.

    That's Corporate America.

  2. I recently went on a crying jag that lasted for days. So I go to see my GP and he immediately started to write me a prescription for depression. I ask him if perhaps the breast cancer and the lingering effects of chemo could be responsible, not to mention the current state of the union. Duh?!?
    He just gave me one of those looks like "Look lady, I just treat the symptoms." I told him I'd prefer to talk to a shrink before I started on the meds and then, and only then would I consider medication. Lemme tell ya, he was none too happy bout' that. Anyway, I've seen the shrink once and have another appointment next Monday and so far medication has not come up. But if it does, I won't hesitate. Finding someone you can safely talk to, do you know what a desperate aching quest that can be?

  3. We all need someone to talk to and most of our friends have just as much baggage so it's hard to get objective feedback. Superficiality has taken over and we suffer as a result. Drugs are not the answer in most cases, lifestyle changes are. Which is why most people opt for the drugs, never understanding that life's downs are what make the ups so great.