Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taxes, Trouble And Tragedy

Several things spring to mind when contemplating giving FEMA the lead role in collecting trash on the freeway, much less the responsibility for coordinating food, shelter and first aid immediately after a disaster. The first wasn't printable and the rest aren't any more positive than my original assessment. They can't even get a plan together before a deadline, someone is probably insisting that all requests for help must be filed from the victim's home computer within 24 hours of a disaster in order to reduce fraud.

The pet food recallkeeps expanding. Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice was one of the first formulas that Shai tried and she didn't like the size of the kibble. Right now she is eating Merrick's Wilderness blend with a little hot water to make gravy. She also enjoys having some of their wet food mixed with her dry. No she isn't spoiled, just well-loved.

Once again, the difference between us and the rest of the world is evident. Two shootings, two vastly different reactions. One country's citizens want more accountability, the other doesn't want their freedoms infringed upon. One country has a low homicide rate and the other doesn't. Just what we need, more unstable people with guns, whipping them out for little or no provocation. The fight or flight response coupled with excess testosterone is a fantastic recipe for disaster. Interesting how people want their safety regulated under almost every circumstance but feel it is okay for almost anyone to have a deadly weapon.

Yesterday was the last day to file taxes if you owe the government money. If you have a refund coming, why didn't you file earlier? You still have until October 15 to file if you have a refund coming, the government doesn't really care when they get the paperwork when they owe you. if you owe the government and tried to file electronically at the last minute, well you waited too long and now there are penalties. Better luck next year. Do your taxes earlier and if you owe, it won't be so traumatic. I did three sets of taxes online yesterday and it took longer than in previous years. All of them were free so I shouldn't complain too much.

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