Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blame The Victim

It's official. Whenever possible the strategy is to blame the victim and then deny all responsibility for causing the mayhem in the first place. Whether it's the new spate of rape cases that are being dismissed for "lack of evidence" despite witnesses, or those people who were too poor or didn't have the means to leave New Orleans so they deserved to be treated less than animals (America's heart and help went out to the abandoned pets) or to the Iraqis who can't live safely in their own country and "allowed" the sectarian violence to mushroom out of control instead of taking control of their own county, the solution is to blame the victim. According to the administration and the neocons view of the world, they have done everything right so therefore it isn't the plan that's the problem, it's the people who don't react as the crew without a clue envisioned. Or as Frank Rich (behind the paywall) points out with this quote from one of the architects of the Iraq debacle.
How we feel about these Iraqis was made naked by one of the administration’s most fervent hawks, the former United Nations ambassador John Bolton, speaking to The Times Magazine this month. He claimed that the Iraqi refugee problem had “absolutely nothing to do” with Saddam’s overthrow: “Our obligation was to give them new institutions and provide security. We have fulfilled that obligation. I don’t think we have an obligation to compensate for the hardships of war.”
That was more than obvious after the Walter Reed scandal hit the news and was replaced with the current blond bimbo story.

Nobody could have foreseen; stuff happens; mission accomplished; purple fingers, etc. What a crock! Of course it was foreseen that the country would deteriorate into sectarian violence, just not by anyone that mattered to the delusional idiot controlling knowledge. Heretofore to be referred to as Dick, for short. How fortuitous, there's already somebody by that name who calls the shots, at least when he isn't busy shooting friends in the face.

Stuff happens all the time and if it happens to the crew without a clue or something they consider valuable, we will get martial law sooner rather than later. Mission accomplished? Why yes it was. That is if your mission was to destroy the military, hamstring the National Guard, devastate the Reserves and set most of the world against us. Purple fingers? Oh yeah, but now it's the middle one, pointed straight up and covered with the blood of their children.

The crew without a clue has actively destroyed a sovereign nation, passively destroyed a domestic city and are heck bent on restricting the rights and freedoms of Americans in the name of "security". But that doesn't matter because Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the law!


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